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    Inventive: Numbers of patents9 patents

    ALDOC have applied a total of 49 patents;18 invention patents;Utility model patents;Outlook design patents;Invention patents in processing;9 authorized patents;28 patents in processing

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    Established Functionality: High quality assurance

    Fast and responsive performance;Light weight and high efficiency;High-temperature resistance: >500 C (932 F);Cold shock resistance: >600 C (1112 F);Highly secure electricity insulation: 10000 V;Food grade material that's corrosion-proof and can withstand 60 kg worth of pressure

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    Customized: Perfect service

    Fast-making samples, customizable products for customers;Direct customer assistance for product design and application;Able to make modules and products based on the customer's standards


Wuhu Aldoc Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhu Aldoc Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuhu Aldoc Technology Co. Ltd. is specialized in thin-film instant heating technology and its application in instant-on ...
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Wuhu Aldoc Technology Co., Ltd.

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