How to properly handle the corroded heating tube


1.. Chemical methods:

With a spray or pickling paste to help re-pass the corrosive part to format the chromium oxide film, so that it can restore corrosion resistance. Apply the pickling paste to the surface that needs to be treated, the coating thickness is 0.5-2mm, the reply time usually is more than 3-10 minutes, it needs to extend more time at below 0 ℃ or the thickness area oxide.  Brush it several times with a brush during the processing, after the completely treatment of surface oxide, please rinse it with water (lime or alkaline water better) to avoid rust. After pickling, In order to remove all contaminants and acid residues, it is very important to rinse it with water. After all the treatment, using polishing equipment to re-polished, it is ok to with a wax to close it. For the slight rust area, it can also be used 1: 1 gasoline, oil mixture with a clean cloth to wipe rust.

2. Mechanical method:

Sand blasting to clean,  with glass or ceramic particles to clean, or annihilation, scrubbing and polishing. It is possible to wipe away polishing material or annihilation material to make the contamination by mechanical means. All kinds of pollution, especially foreign iron particles, may become the source of corrosion, especially in humid environments. Therefore, the mechanical cleaning surface should be carried out under dry conditions for regular cleaning. Using mechanical methods can only clean up its surface, would not change the corrosion resistance of material itself. It is therefore recommended that after mechanical cleaning, use a polishing device to re-polish, then close it with a polished wax.