The advantages of our new heating system


The core products from the nanometer formulation process are thin film heating elements. The electric heating elements developed by this technology have the specialties of energy saving, rapid heating, consistent thermal uniformity, and FIR (far infrared). The heating elements also provide health, environmental protection, innovation, and other advantages. These elements are then implemented to the modules which are then installed in the products.

Electricity is the world's cleanest and reusable energy, unlike coal, fuel, and natural gas, which have a high degree of pollution. Heating is life's most consumed energy and the application of its proportion is quite high. In the past, people mostly invested in researching energy conversion by generating electricity through solar rays. As a result however, they heavily ignored researching how to more effectively turn electricity into heat. Our company invests a lot of time and resources to develop a unique industry semiconductor nano-level heater and as a result became professional R&D manufacturers of the heating technology. Our heating systems, along with establishing a number of product patents, save more than 30% of the high-performance heating energy, contain heat films that passed UL, CCC, etc. tests, and do not contain any harmful substances.