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The methods of safety using electric heaters

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Electric heaters are a commonly used equipment during the work, life, such as electric stove, electric iron, iron, electric heater, electric oven, etc. all belong to electric heating equipment.

Electric resistance wire is made of nickel, chromium alloy, temperature up to more than 800 ℃. As the electric heater power is relatively high, If the users ignore safety, the fire hazard may occur at any time. The causes of electric heaters fire hazard: First, Place the electric heater on the combustible or near the flammable materials, under a long time high temperature baking caused a fire hazard. Second, the electric heater is not installed plug, put the head of electric wire directly into socket , thus easy to cause a short circuit and a fire hazard. Third, the use of electric heaters who did not pull out plug, after a long time resulting the electric heater overheating to ignite the adjacent fuel, then caused a fire hazard. Fourth, the resistance wire after many times repeated repair still continue to use, then cause the line overload and a fire hazard.

Therefore, during use electric heaters, do not put the flammable and explosive materials on the vicinity of electric heaters, must maintain a certain safe distance. The electric heater must be placed on the base of a non-thermally conductive, non-combustible material; the safe cut-off of the electric heater wire must meet the capacity requirements of the electric heater. Industrial electric heater shall install a separate circuit in any case. The wire must be installed plug, do not put the electric heater thread directly into socket; electric heater wire aging damage should be replaced in time, the circuit does not install fuse of the electric heater shall not be used; electric heater must be used when care., pull out the plug when you leave. If the power failure during the use, pull out the plug too, do not forget.

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