Brief introduction of General manager

Dr.Hu , an general manager in ALDOC, graduated from Hefei university of technology for a bachelor, Jiangnan university for a master, and university of hernheim, Stuttgart, Germany for a doctor. When worked at Nestle, he had a rich experience of product research and technical innovation and enterprise management of listed company more than 20 years. He has published 13 articles in Chinese, English and German. In 1999, he wrote in America an English monograph Food Product Design A Computer-ided Statistical Approach. He also has made over 10 times keynote speeches at international conferences. During Dr.Hu’s early years, he studied further in Germany, and particularly in company’s food and chemical researcher in abroad after graduation. He gave up well-paid career and wanted to start his own company, which is his dream all along over the years. Therefore, Wuhu Aldoc Technology Co.,Ltd was found in 2016. Since the establishment, ALDOC has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. It is exceedingly honorable that Dr. Hu has won several national and provincial awards and was selected as an innovation and promotion talent of science and technology in 2018.

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