Product knowledge

Nano-high-temperature electric thin film does not crack in rapid hot and cold temperature change. It can stay intact even if the whole thin film heating tube is heated to 800 ℃ -1000 ℃, then is immediately placed into ice water. The physical properties of ALDOC nano-film is very stable, resistant to water, difficult to oxidize, resistant to acid and alkali, greatly corrosion-proof, and scale-proof. Electricity-heat conversion energy efficiency is up to 85%-96%; the entire performance is more efficient than that of the traditional heat pipe.

ALDOC nano thin film heating principle: the nano heating film process uses special physical and chemical methods. Made through a chemical recipe, a special composition of the nano particles are deposited and cured onto the surface of s special insulation substrate, which generates micro-thickness heating film. The heating electrode is then cured onto the film layer to form a heat-generating element. This element can be energized by AC or DC, and through different voltages. Nano-electric heating film also has a long lifespan, can withstand high temperatures, is able to transfer heat at high rates with rare attenuation, and so on.

ALDOC can customize multiple kinds of specific heating tubes and heating modules while providing the technical guidance for their usage.

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